Adress:Olimpos (Kilise Yakası) KUMLUCA – ANTALYA

Phone:(+9)0 242 892 13 95

Mobile Phonel:(+9)0 505 713 87 65 / (+9)0 505 713 87 05

Fax:(+9)0 242 892 14 55




From Antalya or Antalya Airport: If you are not renting a car and coming from the airport by yourselves, you should first take the public busses or the Havaş airport shuttles going to Antalya City Terminal. In the terminal there is a part called ‘İlçeler Terminali’ (terminal for towns), from there you can take ‘mini’ busses going to Kumluca direction, but don’t forget to say that you are going to Olympos. With these minibuses it takes around one-one and a half hour to reach Olympos intersection, the driver will also let you know that you should get off there. Just in that intersection, there are some other minibuses which go down unti
the center and the beach of Olympos, take them afterwards and tell them that you are going to Koyevi (Olympos Countryhouse). Then you will find yourselves at our gate, come in without knocking, you are welcomed…

From the direction of Fethiye and Kaş: Everyday at specific times a day, there are ‘mini’busses of ''Batı Akdeniz Seyahat'' from Fethiye, Kaş and Kalkan going to Antalya direction. With those minibuses you can find yourselves in the same Olympos intersection, around 3-4 hours from Fethiye and in 2 hours from Kaş. By the way keep that in mind, there are some other big bus companies from Fethiye to Antalya, but they are not stopping by at Olympos intersection.

If you are coming from other big cities with bus: From İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir the intercity bus companies like Pamukkale, Metro and Kamil Koç are scheduling busses going to Kumluca or Kemer (it depends on which side you are coming) and stopping by each town on the way. Those busses also pass through Olympos intersection, and if you tell them you can get off right at the stop in intersection. About the rest you can read above, you will just take the minibuses going down to center from the intersection. Anyway you can call or e-mail us about further information.

If you are coming with a car: From Antalya direction: follow the signs showing the Kemer direction, after passing Kemer in 30-40 kms you will first pass by Ulupınar then Çıralı intersection, and after them you will see the signs showing “Olimpos Antik Kenti” and “Adrasan (Çavuşköy)” take the left from there. After taking 9 kms down the way you will reach a stream bed, you should pass that to see the sign showing “Olympos 3” to take the left again. Just after 400-500 ms you will see “Karataş Market” on the right, don’t pass it! Take the right before the market and go 200 ms more. You will see our gate on the left, come on in!

By Hitch-hike: We suggest you to start hitch-hiking in front of the
big Migros in Antalya. Well in fact, the hitch-hikers will take the road without any plan and won’t read this. So leave it :)