Extreme Sports

Trekking(Lycian Way):

The famous Lycian way passes through Olympos city and the Musa Mountain. Lycian way is a long trekking route composing the network of paths between the each Lycian ancient city. Well its around 500 kms, but you can take the parts of way as short stages. Here are some of the stages close to Olympos:
1-Musa mountain: its a 16 km path up until Adrasan bay, and on the way you will meet another really nice ancient city.
2-Sazak bay: 19 km, at the end you will reach a nice small bay.
3-Çıralı and Ulupınar: 7 km

4-Tahtalı mountain (Beycik): 17 km, it’s really high, the top of the mountain is the highest point in the region but you can take a ropeway until the top to see the amazing view.
5-Gelidonya Lighthouse: 16 km, it’s an old lighthouse, and the view there selected as the best in Turkey in 2007
For doing trekking on Lycian way its better to come here around spring or autumn.


Rock climbing:

Olympos’s hills are great for rock climbing for many different routes suitable for all levels. Because of these nice rock routes Olympos have become a top place for the rock climbers all over the world. If you have your own equipments you can try yourselves, if not there are also some activity centers in Olympos to help you try rock climbing.

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