Countryhouse Kitchen

Each night Mrs. Gülüstan’s homemade foods appear to you in such a way that you would be tempted to overfill your dish with all flavors consisting of “meze”s, salad, soup, rice, a veggie and a meat dish at least. After eating your fill you can even make the common joke like “Gülüstan I ate too much because of you, do you want me to get fatter?”. For years it has been the same…

Sometimes, you can hear the improvisation coming out of the kitchen; that means Özgün or Ezgi is trying to prepare something to compete with the master Gülüstan’s foods. The rumor is that they have a knack for making toasts also.

And if it comes to breakfast, words really fail… A full Turkish breakfast with village product of egg, Tokat’s special cheese, homemade bread and jams, the other local tastes like “menemen” (omlette with tomato and peppers), “akitma”
(kind of a pancake) and of course brewed tea will give you a good start for the day, and also relaxes you to sit under the vines until the noon.

Ultimately, each kind of food is prepared by Gülüstan’s special endeavor in the kitchen to tune up the oil, spices and all flavors harmoniously and Ibrahim’s contribution to it by choosing best vegetables in the bazaar. As a result, you will be addicted to your serotonin hormone with all those organic, fresh foods prepared with diligence.