About Olympos

The word for Olympos had already told by the Gods and Goddesses; however we also want to say some words to describe our Olympos. With a 2.5 km long way from The Country House you can find the marvelous ancient city of Olympos. You can take the road with our free shuttle (called “tır-tır”) at different times in a day.That road is never boring with the incredibly charismatic “Tır Tır” starlines; you will almost find yourselves on an unceremonious march past to show yourself off among the bohemian Olymposians walking towards the beach... During this trip you would also find brilliant ideas to change your lives afterwards.

Olympos is a destination never dropped off the map owing to the special nature and history it has. Green, history and sea beautifully conglomerates… You can enjoy having a natural bath after the sea with the natural spring water beside the ruins. Also the famous ancient Lycian Road passes through the Olympos City. So we are calling you the nature lovers to claim a discovery along the road instead of just watching the view. By the way don’t content yourself with doing only trekking there; Olympos is great for trying all different kinds of nature sports too.

In Olympos there is a little bit nightlife too. In addition, there is love, there is sun, there are stars and sometimes the full moon in the sky...Nights and days go by as Zeus lies and Hera cries; but for us Olympos is to relax and improvise.