Olympos Countryhouse was born by the efforts of İbrahim Pehlivan and his wife Gülüstan Pehlivan in the May of 2000. In the beginning it was smaller and more modest, and now however it evolved and renewed it has never lost its coziness. (Naturally Countryhouse improved with the swimming pool and new rooms and grew up as the plants and kids did, but still it is small and familiar)

Then afterwards the kids of Pehlivan family, Özgün and Ezgi found themselves in Countryhouse trying to help things going on and adding their young souls for innovation.

That’s how Olympos Countryhouse has found spontaneously its own style and being...



First of all, Countryhouse can never be described according to the mainstream touristic expectations. Olympos has already become a location for the searchers of “alternative tourism” with its natural beauty and history composed together with a different perspective for vacation.If you ask what is different about it, let me tell you: First of all, as soon as you arrive here you should just be cool,leave yourselves to that relaxed Mediterranean style (have you heard about it J ). Don’t be afraid (don’t think“things will never go right!”), actually this relaxed style means that you can ask whatever you want, you can be friends with anyone from the Countryhouse, shortly feel yourselves as one of us; so you can just behave as if you have been living here for years.After all, we are also happy to be here as much as the friends coming and going around for over years. As we are trying our best to spread this happiness, you can join it both by becoming our friends, and by reading your book or spending your time with your partner in a peaceful corner.Besides, you can check the activities menu to see what else you can do here…And by the way if the owners might not be able to speak in a common language with you, just smile to them and try to find someone younger to tell what you need.


The countryhouse: It reflects the synthesis of authentic Anatolian and antique Lycian architecture. This synthesis with the base elements of stone and wood is uniquely composed by İbrahim (who is a painter) and Gülüstan. Olympos Countryhouse has one major building resembling the “Amasya traditional house” style, one Stone hall inside, bungalow rooms in the garden, a stone villa by the pool, and some wooden warehouses revised from the original;
all of them have a unique style of its own.

The Garden of the Countryhouse: The garden is composed of antique-looking stone archs, wooden arbours, and tables covered by the natural shadow of grapevines. Relax, comfort and natural aesthetic surrounds all around the garden, with the wooden and stone sculptures, swimming pool, trees, plants and lightenings.



You can ask us anything you wonder, about the foods, about the surrounding area, the habitual; whatever different for you… Weare more than happy to explain ourselves to you. Even before arriving here, it’s better for you to ask something regarding your personal needs also.

Make yourselves at home:

Feel free to be the same as you are in your home, so that it will make both us and you more comfortable…